Cinderella as Stoic Philosopher

Kristen Caven
Nov 6, 2014 · 2 min read

I cried that night, realizing I would probably never get what I really wanted, ever again. I strengthened myself, thinking of all the people in the world who would never get what they wanted. I wondered how they coped-people who were poor, people who were at war, people who were in natural disasters or other sucky situations-and then I realized I actually did have some control. If I didn’t want anything, then whatever I got would be a nice surprise.

People say, “that’s just who I am.” But bumper stickers say, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Hmmm. Which statement leads to a happier existence?

Reading is freedom. Kick off your shoes.

Kristen Caven

Written by

Creative upshifter, literary instigator, people weaver. Also likes shoes. & @krs10bc.

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