Twitter Chat summary: #MediaChat

I joined the Twitter Chat, #MediaChat, hosted by Aaron Kirby with The Gary J. Nix serving as a contributing guest. The topic of discussion was “Are Emoji Saving Brands?” #MediaChat is a weekly Twitter Chat that takes place Thursdays at 10pm EST and features guests on social and online media, new apps and media topics.

The first 20 minutes of #MediaChat was solely dedicated to welcoming all who were tuned it for the Twitter Chat. After I introduced myself, I received a welcome tweet from the host as well as someone who seemed to frequent #MediaChat. This made the Twitter Chat feel very personable, and I immediately felt excited to hear from the hosts of the chat and other audience members who were a part of this social media community.

Q1 was “Are Emoji an acceptable form of communication?”

Most people in the chat said yes, but clarified that you must consider the audience. I asked if emoji are acceptable in professional settings, in which I received the reply from the featured guest that it depends on the relationships I have with the people in professional settings. Other contributors agreed that if a person has a personal relationship with others, it is acceptable to communicate with emojis, as long as the message is still clear and not overpowered by the interpretive emojis. It is currently not okay to speak in all emoji, but the featured guest predicts that all emoji conversations will become a trend in the near future.

As the conversation continued, more questions about emoji and professionalism arose. One consensus from the audience determined that email and social media were two very different platforms, and emoji should be maximized on social media sites but limited in emails. A few people shared that they received more feedback on emails if emojis were used in the subject line, but overall email should be more straightforward.

One of the questions from the host was “Are emojis acceptable if an influencer does a social media takeover for your brand?” I responded that if using emojis is part of the influencer’s personality and voice, it is acceptable and encouraged. The tweet that most resonated with me from all of #MediaChat was from an audience member, @Social_Chef, in response to this question; he tweeted, “Depends on the narrative of the TAKEOVER. Everything is about context. #MediaChat.”

Overall, emojis appeal to a younger audience and usage is very much dependent on the type of relationships that people have with one another. Emojis can be used to communicate and add personality to a brand.

Aaron Kilby thanked me for joining the Twitter Chat and invited me back for next week’s discussion with Christoph Trappe, who does content marketing for healthcare organizations. I believe #MediaChat is a valuable conversation about social media and I look forward to learning more about media from this Twitter Chat.

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