Let’s Talk About New Year’s Gym Etiquette
Greyson Ferguson

YES the gym is so annoying at this time of year — this post needed to be written.

I take classes at a women’s gym, so there’s no risk of creeping and I’ve never smelled cologne, which is a giant blessing. However, there are still things that bother me about the new people at my gym. The number one thing is have some common sense. Look around you at what other people are doing, and then do that. Do not put your mat an inch behind where I am standing when a good chunk of the class is lunges. If you do not understand how the class works, ask or wait for further instruction instead of putting your mat one inch behind me. There may be a theme here!!

Don’t be a hero and get 15 pound weights when everyone else is holding 8 pound weights. I guarantee you aren’t better than us, and I will see you grabbing a set of 3 pound weights 2 minutes into class, full of regret and shame. Watch the instructor’s form and copy it exactly. If you do not know how to do a bicep curl, then ask. (These are not etiquette things, just stuff that makes me laugh at you. And I’m not kidding about the bicep curl thing: I never knew how many ways there are to fuck up a bicep curl until I took a women’s fitness class in January. At best you’re not getting any benefit from the exercise, and at worst, you’re going to injure yourself doing 100+ bicep curls that way with 15 pound weights.)

Ok after writing this I think the best advice for women attending my gym in January is to not take classes with me because I will obsess about your bicep curl form and hold a grudge against you forever for putting your mat on my heels. Gonna go post a warning on my gym’s bulletin board now….