We Can’t Go Back
George Takei

I cannot begin to imagine the horror you feel when you see the words emanating from the mouths of the supremacists who support Trump. I pray and will stand up to this sort of horrific repetition of past idiotic and horrible acts of war on American people and immigrants to Americans. This world does not need another holocaust. Horrors that have occurred in the past, should never be resurrected.

May the karmic laws of nature place these white supremacists and fake “christians” whose actions are directly in conflict with the actual teachings of Christ — exactly where they would wish to place others. May we all wish only for the health, happiness and success of our fellow man, that we may all enjoy such liberties as the Creator spirit provided for us — and of which we humans daftly seek to deprive ourselves on a daily basis. Because, you know, there is this fallacious belief in the human mind that screams, “if ‘they’ have more than me, I want it!” we must defeat that serpentine instinct and rise above our own infantile pride, selfishness and fear, to become the People that we were meant to be in this life.