Losing Faith in the Body

The foundation of my belief system (and by this I mean my emotional, spiritual, and logical belief systems combined) is balance. The true magic of the universe, of nature, of life, of whatever you want to call it, is that it’s natural state is balance. Events and circumstances occur to disrupt this balance, and when this happens, more extreme circumstances and events occur to try to correct the imbalance. The pendulum swings. The universe itself wants to be balanced and will do whatever it needs to in order to correct itself. In physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Balance. As above, so below.

Our bodies are part of nature, are part of life and the universe, so the same rules apply to our bodies. They thrive in a balanced state. I work every day balancing the energies of the body, doing my best to help people see the path back to emotional, physical, and spiritual balance and sending Reiki energy to the body so that the body can clear the energies that are imbalanced. Notice how I phrased that last sentence.

One of the most basic foundations of Reiki teachings is that the practitioner is not doing the healing. The practitioner is sending universal life-force energy to the body so that the BODY can use that energy to heal itself and bring itself back to balance. The practitioner is not providing the energy from their own body or spirit, the practitioner is simply channeling balancing and healing universal energies that are all around us all the time to the body so that it can heal itself.

What is the point of this discussion on balance? I have noticed through my own personal experiences, and through the stories and experiences that some of my clients relay to me, that Western society seems to have forgotten that the body is capable of healing and balancing itself. They seem to have lost faith in the body and its ability to take care of itself.

We have people treating auto-immune disorders through what is supposed to be a life-long regimen of prescription drugs. We have people who are fatigued and ill and stressed and addicted to coffee and other stimulants to keep them going, only to find that the problem is getting worse. We have people who are mentally, physically, and emotionally ill, and a society that operates as if there is no way to correct the imbalance, only put a bandage on it or simply ignore it. We push our bodies to the brink, and then get angry at our bodies for failing us.

We are surrounded by toxins in our air, our food, and our water every day. We are inundated with negativity, emotional toxins, information overload, unhealed life trauma. Our bodies send us signals when imbalances need correcting in the form of anxiety, pain, exhaustion, and countless other cries for help. When we don’t address these signals, they get stronger and louder until they manifest as illness, sometimes chronic illness. This is not our bodies failing us, this is our bodies and immune systems trying to heal us, but being so overwhelmed by unbalanced physical and emotional stimuli that it can only do so much to maintain itself.

The body does know balance and the body can achieve balance if we give it the tools to do so. I see drastic changes in people on a daily basis. People who have been pushed to the very edge, only to turn everything around and heal themselves. Sometimes that’s what it takes, sometimes it takes being pushed to the brink of human existence, of pain tolerance, of the depths of despair, of exhaustion to finally say no more, this must change.

Change is difficult, especially when our mind, body, and spirit are already in a weakened state, but we have the power to persevere. All things in life begin in the mind with a thought, with an intention, with a choice. Thought and intention are powerful things. This is why I begin every session I have with my client setting an intention. Simply expressing “I want to heal this” is enough to give your body and your heart permission to let go of the old stagnant energies that are not serving you well, and make room for new, more balanced energies into your life.

Be kind to your body. Know that it can achieve health, balance, and peace the moment you decide that you are done with what is not serving you well. Sometimes the change isn’t immediate, sometimes we have to walk back through the jungle to find the clearing in the woods, but the clearing is there waiting for you nonetheless. Sometimes drastic life changes are necessary to bring about balance including diet, exercise, emotional self-care, quitting a job, leaving a relationship, moving to a new place. This isn’t easy, but neither is being unwell.

Your body can be well. Trust yourself and trust your body. Listen to it. Have faith in it. Love it, despite its flaws. Know that you have the power to heal if you choose to. The body knows balance, give it the tools to achieve it and it will reward you exponentially.

Originally published at kristenkirbyreiki.com on June 9, 2017.