If Trader Joe’s Stopped Publishing “Fearless Flyer,” Would You Notice?
Silvia Killingsworth

Singing the praises of TJs:

I, too, think the Fearless Flyer is incredibly silly, especially since it provides extra column inches for the proliferation of those goofy Victorian graphics that are such an integral part of TJ’s brand.

That said, I can think of a lot more worthwhile things to do with my writing than criticizing a reasonably decent company.

1. They have many great products, and introduce new ones regularly.

2.They manage to combine gourmet and discount — not something many other stores even attempt.

3.They stand by an extremely liberal return policy, which makes exploration of new products risk free.

4. I believe they are reasonably responsible corporate citizens. I could be wrong but it seems that the employees are relatively well taken care of.

5. Shopping at TJ’s feels like a community activity.. I know many of the workers, I constantly bump into friends and neighbors like the good ole days.

These areMy favorite items which I buy on a weekly basis, many of which fill important niches in a paleo diet:

  1. Hemp seeds- at a good price, an excellent source of protein, and a reasonable substitute for the breakfast cereal experience.
  2. Riced cauliflower — - brilliant way enjoy saucy dishes without having to cave into starches.
  3. Dolmas- excellent generic knock-off of the award-winning gourmet brand “Divina”
  4. Orange muscat champagne vinegar. YUM!!!
  5. Sauerkraut, uncured corn beef, seeded flatbread, sweet and spicy mustard and havarti. Warm it in the oven and you get the perfect paleo Rueben!
  6. Gourmet cheeses, esp from Spain.
  7. 85% dark chocolate bars. Taken medicinally.
  8. Italian crackers called «music paper» so so yummy they will break down the paleo discipline.
  9. Dairy Products – If you decide you cannot handle the prices of righteous dairy, then u can get everything here at a great price. Sometimes I just go there to stock up on dairy products alone, b/c of prices.
  10. 8 veggie mix- serious greenery great as sale, soup, or stir fry.

I could go on….