I got a smart watch, am I fit now?

Just Dance 4, Track, and Bowling

They are everywhere! The smart watch is here and you just bought yours! Maybe you are a fitness buff so you got a Jawbone/Fitbit. Perhaps you wanted a phone on your wrist and bought the Apple watch. Or you wanted something in between and purchased a Samsung GearFit. Of course there’s always the possibility that someone miss-gifted you with a smart watch. By obligation you put it on and were mortified that it tracks your steps. Even more horrifying is the realization that you are supposed to be walking 10,000 steps a day! Yikes, that’s not an easy task for most cubicle dwellers. Now you want to start exercising, but the thought of it makes you sweat and you haven’t even started doing anything yet!

You have every excuse in the book and have even invented some new ones. I’m too old, I’m too out of shape, I’m too tired, or my favorite, but I’ve worked hard all day.

If this sounds like you it’s time for a little bit of reflection:

  1. ) Why do you want to get fit? If your answer is not for fun then you are never going to exercise...
  2. ) What motivates you? Money, Creativity, Commitment?
  3. ) What sort of exercise can you afford to do?
  4. ) What are your excuses for not exercising?

After you can properly answer these questions you are all good to go!

Why are you going to exercise?

So step 1, you don’t believe that exercise is fun. You are wrong. Exercise can be fun, everybody has an activity that they enjoy. Find what yours is. Do you like to play an organized sport? Do you prefer to dance? How about swimming? Or perhaps you like the adrenaline pumping action of mountain biking? Everybody has their niche. So find yours. If you don’t you are going to give up. People will avoid activities that they don’t enjoy, because “ain’t nobody got time for that”. I’ve watched people try and fail at doing exercise activities that they don’t like on an endless loop. When you give up your smart watch will either become an unused expensive trinket or a constant reminder of your failure as a human being. Okay, that last one might be a bit over dramatic ;)

What motivates you?

This is important! As much as you might come to enjoy exercise it is never going to be as easy as sitting down to watch T.V, read, or play a video game. It’s just not. So you need something or someone to hold you accountable.

-Example 1, if you are a cheapskate then you might want to buy a gym pass or pay for recreation classes. It will irk you if you don’t get your money’s worth out of your purchase thus forcing you to go. Only pay for something that you like!!!!(See paragraph above)

-Example 2, you are a social butterfly or fold under peer pressure. In this case you should find an “Accountability Partner.” Your Accountability Partner will ensure that both of you stay on track. This has worked for my friend, her mom and I. However when I left the equation the commitment level went down. Thus it is important to find someone dedicated to hold accountable to.

-Example 3, you get bored exercising because you are creative and like to be engaged. Try listening to music or making a game out of your exercise. (I can’t step on the cracks). Better yet you can play games as an exercise. Apps like Zombies Run! or Just Dance might be great for you. Imagine the consequences of what will happen if you don’t exercise. Will the Galaxy fall because you couldn’t outrun an asteroid field. Have fun with it. It’s why you are creative.

-Example 4, you are motivated by time or lack of. My simple answer to this one is to multi-task. Set up a T.V in front of your Treadmill. Try reading on the treadmill or surfing your phone. Combine family/friend time with exercise as much as possible. And most importantly make sure that your gym/rec classes or sports team are close by. Additional time will be the deciding factor on whether you participate or not.

What Sort of exercise can you afford?

Ideally, we could all afford to be part of a gym with exercise machines galore, a swimming pool, private trainers and fitness classes a plenty. Unfortunately, this is not an option for many of us. It is thus important to figure out your preferences and what motivates you.

As an example, say I like to dance but I cannot afford to pay for a class or gym membership. I might have to settle on renting dance instruction videos from the library or utilizing the Wii to play Just Dance. Maybe once in a while I can splurge on real classes.

If you are self-motivated and don’t need much help a cheap gym like Planet Fitness could work to your advantage. However if you don’t push yourself or have no idea what you are doing I would go for a more expensive gym that has classes with instructors to educate and push you. If you like team sports you can always join a league or look at a site like Meetup Group where you can meet others who share the same interests.

The point of this section is that there are plenty of options and alternatives open to you whatever your price range is. Sometimes you just have to do a little research and get creative.

Finally, what are your excuses for not exercising?

There are so many reasons we don’t do things. It could be because we don’t like it, not enough time, low interest and plain laziness. Whatever the excuse is you need to find a way to over come it. It’s plain and simple. There are no magic solutions to make the excuses go away. The reflection questions above will help you so use them as your guide. Go forth, embark on your own exercise adventures, see what you can accomplish, who might you bring on your journey or what new passions may you discover. It’s all up to you and remember try to have FUN with it!

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