10/22 Weird News

Several Injured In Zombie-Like Attack At Tennessee Walmart, As Man Tries To Eat His Victims

An unidentified, homless looking man entered a Tennesee Walmart on the evening of the 20th. He proceeded to attack an employee with his teeth and eventually five other people, sending one to the hospital with a severed artery. The man is currently in a psychiatric ward having tests done and there has been no word about drugs being a key factor.

Shady Spring Grandma Refuses Armed Robber’s Requests, Offers to Make Him Breakfast Instead

An older woman was house sitting for a friend one night when she was awaken by a srange noise in the hallway. She discovered an intruder who, at gunpoint, demanded she give him all her money and gold. Refusing his demand, she offered him some breakfast and the man immidiatly left.

Man Gets DUI Charge On Motorized Wheelchair

A man was arrested for public drunkenness while opperating a motorized wheelchair during a trip to the grocery store. Police arrested him as he was driving over plants, preparing to fill up a perscription. They say he had taken multiple medications in addition to drinking, causing him to act out.

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