Wanna delete Yahoo account and Create a new account on Outlook.com !! What should I do??

Yahoo mail is completely unable to secure their customer account data. It was again hit with another hacking attack. This is the third time when this type of issue occurs. Millions of users affected by this data breach. After this data breach, millions of users find unsafe to keep their important information on the Yahoo accounts. So, they start deleting their Yahoo account and moving to another webmail client for security reasons. Outlook.com is one of the webmail clients, which is developed by Microsoft. If you are also affected by this data breach and thinking of deleting a Yahoo mail account and creating your account on outlook.com, then here we are providing you the steps to delete your Yahoo account and how you can easily set up your account at outlook.com.

Before you terminate your Yahoo account, you need to review the following:

· You must need to disable account key before an account can be terminated.

· You need to delete all child accounts before terminating the main parent account.

· If you don’t remember your Yahoo account password, then you need to use the Sign-in Helper to retrieve your Yahoo password.

· If you are using your Yahoo account for any other products of the yahoo then remember that once an account is deleted, you will not be able to log into any Yahoo product with that Yahoo account.

· Save all information- Before deleting Yahoo mail account, you need to save the important information. Once the account is deleted, then you can’t recover any information or can’t access to Yahoo account.

To close the account, you just need to go through these steps:

· Log into the Yahoo Account you want to remove.

· You need to go to the “Terminating your Yahoo account” page.

· You need to read the information on terminating your Yahoo account.

· Verify your password.

· Enter the CAPTCHA code, then press the Terminate this Account.

This above-mentioned steps will definitely help you to terminate your Yahoo account.

To create an account at Outlook.com, you need to follow these steps:

· First, you need to go to Sign up page of Microsoft account.

· You need to type your first and last name in the relevant field of Name.

· Choose your birthday from the Birth date option.

· You need to select your Gender.

· Type your username which you want to set for your account under the Microsoft account name.

· Select the desired domain.

· You need to enter the password which you want to configure for your Outlook.com account below Create a password option

· Enter your password again to confirm.

· Input your phone number below Phone number option.

· Enter an alternative email address that you can put under Alternative email address.

· You need to select a security question.

· Select a security question from the given suggestion under Security question.

· Type the answer to the question below the Answer field.

· Choose your location in the Country field and ZIP code.

· Type the characters from the CAPTCHA code to confirm that you’re not a robot.

· Press I accept to finish the creation.

· You can now access your new Outlook.com account on the web.

By executing these above-mentioned steps, you’ll easily delete, setup your new account in outlook.com. If you find any difficulty while performing these steps then you need to take help from the IT expertise for instant support.