Not just the Boy Scouts of America
Sarah Wyman

The Girl Scout troops in my area were ok until Senior Scouts. That troop was all about homemaking skills. The leaders didn’t want to do “outdoors” stuff. We spent weeks learning how to babysit. The lifesaving skills and first aid were the only part of that time that was worth anything. The rest was seriously boring. I didn’t join scouts to learn how to be a good babysitter. There were other troops, but I was told I had to belong to the one in my area. Others were doing rock climbing, archery and backpacking, etc., but those troops seemed to be rare, and you couldn’t belong unless you lived in the right area. My brother, in Boy Scouts, got to do all the outdoors stuff, they even traveled out of state to back pack in many areas of the country and even Canada. Why would a girl want to join Boy Scouts? How about because the scouting experience might actually be fun? Oh, but I forget — girls are supposed to just be happy with the roles someone else dictates are appropriate for girls. After all, what’s wrong with “separate but equal”?

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