Employees recognize digital strategies are the future

Employees are aware of the need for digital strategies at their workplaces, but only 6 in 10 employers have one.

The latest edition of the Randstad Workmonitor found that employees recognize the need for digital strategies in their workplaces. 84% of global survey respondents acknowledged that it’s important for their employer to have a digital strategy, however only 59% stated that the company they work for actually has one.

In Canada, the disparity even higher. 87% of employees stated they believe that digitization is important, yet only 55% said their employer has a digital strategy. The discrepancy between awareness of digital strategies and their implementation is somewhat troubling. In order to grow and adapt in the coming years, organizations will have no choice but to assess digital opportunities.

Implementing digital strategies and technologies

One of the challenges employees identified was the lack of training and knowledge required to implement effective digital strategies. Though Canadians see the need for (and value of) digitizing systems and routine tasks, most believe they lack the skills to do so.

Some of the findings of the survey include:

  • 68% of global respondents (also 68% in Canada) agreed that digitation would require different skills than are available through their current employer
  • 62% of global workers (54% in Canada) believe they personally need to learn additional, digital-focused skills to guarantee their employment in the future
  • 62% of global respondents (54% in Canada) say that if tasks become automated, they believe they can add personal value to their job
  • 44% of global workers (39% in Canada) say they perform a lot of repetitive tasks that could be automated

Does your company have a digital strategy in place? If not, you may be falling behind as the importance of digital technologies surges over the next few years.

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