Immigration Is Now A Top Issue for Millennial Women
Skimm Studies

Those saying “This is only a temporary ban,” immigrants have to file so much paperwork in order to come over here and the process takes years. It is very possible that by the time this ban is lifted, some of their paperwork will have expired and it could be years again before they have all of it in order again.

Also saying “This ban is making our country safer,” are you aware of how many of terrorists and mass murderers were born here? The only attack conservatives cling to is 9/11, but there have been so many in say the past 50 years that just get brushed over. Timothy McVeigh, Omar Mateen, and Adam Lanza were all born here, as well as many others.

P.S. I find it a little laughable that the comments from conservative viewpoints are the ones with all the spelling errors.