Why Having a Diabetes Educator on Your Team is Vital

I have been a diabetic for over 30 years. I have struggled. I have made many, many mistakes and have had some scary episodes. One thing I never had after my initial diagnosis, was a true teacher. I never had someone explain everything to me, what it meant to be diabetic, what I should and shouldn’t eat, how to recognize the signs of trouble. Everything I have learned, and what I now teach in my workshops and in my personal coaching, I learned on my own.

To be honest, that is my nature. I like to question everyone and everything. I rarely take information at face value. I look things up, do my research and then make an informed decision, most of the time.

I believe that is what is lacking in today’s healthcare system. People rarely ask questions of their doctors. Most doctors are so overloaded with patients that they don’t have time to really do any education. Since most medical doctors get little to no training in nutrition, they don’t have the tools necessary to do any education on foods and nutrition for diabetes. They prescribe medications and just go from there.

Having a diabetes educator is important. Having someone who is knowledgeable in the in’s and out’s of diabetes can be a very important part of your care. Being a diabetes educator and a diabetic myself, I am able to connect with the people that I work with on a deeper level because I have experienced their struggles. I understand what they are going through.

Diabetes educators are generally more informed on newest advances in glucose monitoring. Most are also more aware of nutritional needs and concerns. More recent studies have shown that following a ketogenic diet is more beneficial for diabetics. It can lead to improved numbers, far beyond what medication alone can do, without the dangerous side effects.

My advice if you are dealing with diabetes or if you are a caregiver. Find a diabetes educator. You may contact me to help or find one through the AADE (the American Association of Diabetes Educators) or which I am a member.

The more you know, the better you do. We can help!

(Originally published on WellnessCouncilSC.org 8/30/17)

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