This report reviews new devices and technologies that might change the gaming in the future. The first part of this paper focuses on the new technologies, how they work, and how they can be applied to games. In the second part there is a discussion on whether these technologies could be applied into games, and how games might change because of these devices.

Traditionally gaming has revolved around few input and output devices, for input: keyboard and mouse, and for output: monitor and speakers/headphones. The exception to this has been controllers for gaming consoles, which take many different forms. Nevertheless…


This is the second part of my two part series where I develop Flutter package plugin. If you have not read the first part I recommend doing so from this link. In the first part we went through the basics of package development and how to create a package, we also covered the Android side of developing a package. In this article we are exploring the iOS side of things. We are going to be using PDFKit library to extract the text from the PDF documents.


  • We need a Mac to run the code on.
  • Your Mac will need…


I ran into an issue some time ago. I wanted to build Flutter application that could convert PDF files to speech, to help me with school work. The idea was simple; read the text from PDF file and convert it to speech with the flutter_tts plugin. However, I ran into a problem, the PDF plugins for Flutter don’t extract the text from the file they just open native view and show the file as PDF. So to get around this issue I decided to build my own PDF text extractor plugin.

I will split this tutorial to two parts…

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> Download Flutter from here

> Move the package to the folder that you want to install Flutter into. For me it was c:\src\

> Extract the package

> Go to the extracted file flutter_windows_v1.5.4-hotfix.2-stable and move the flutter folder from inside of it to c:\src\

> Delete the and flutter_windows_v1.5.4-hotfix.2-stable folders those wont be needed any more

> Navigate to your environment variables and add c:\src\flutter\bin to your PATH variable

> Now run flutter doctor command in cmd, it should complain about missing Android Studio

> Download Android Studio from here

> After download install Android Studio…

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Hello I’m programming student from Finland. This is my first ever coding series. It is very basic Flutter application so it is easy to follow along. Please give me feedback! :)

Kristian Tuusjarvi

Programming student from Finland,

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