I’ve Thought Up an App

This is probably extremely niche but whatever it’s something I would use practically every day and I hope other bike commuters do too.

Every day while biking to and from work, I inevitably come across a car parked in the bike lane. There are some areas where this really isn’t an issue because it’s not a very busy/crowded street. But then there’s Jay St in Brooklyn and Chrystie St in Manhattan. I’m sure there’s more like these, where it’s basically the wild west when it comes to cars blocking the lane, buses swerving in and out, pedestrians darting out like Frogger. Even police get in on the action.

Jun, a small town in Spain, runs on Twitter. It’s a very interesting story and possibly a model major cities will someday adopt.

The NYPD announced in March 2014 that all precincts were going to have Twitter handles. Even more recently, they’ve added those Twitter handles to their fleet of vehicles.

Combine these with my frustration with the lack of police enforcing bike lane laws and you get my app idea.

I’m still unsure of a name for it (maybe something like BikeLane or BikeNYC) but basically it allows anyone to take a picture and immediately tweet it at the appropriate NYPD precinct based on your current location.

I have no clue if the NYPD will take notice or action, but is it so difficult to imagine a world where the police use Twitter for more than just social media?

The app is just about ready for what I’m dubbing beta bikers. It does what it needs to but it ain’t pretty. I’m more interested in getting this in the hands of NYC bikers and seeing what happens.

DM @kristianbauer if you’re interested.

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