First: No Swedes do not have less economic choices than Americans (or freedom) political, physical or otherwise!

Second: it’s very poor logic to assume that risk taking and entrepreneurial activity would be reduced under a sytem of Universal Health Care and an actual safety net rather than the archaic garbage that passes for a welfare sytem in the US today.

Third: for most people the standard of living is higher, not lower, in Sweden relative to the United States. David needs to get out more.

Fourth: no higher taxes is not a problem. Not if we finally get something for our money like Health Care based on the massive risk pool of the American people! Higher taxes are not a problem if we get an modern educational system that scoops up all children and anyone that wants to excel not just the few that happened to be born in the right family and Municipality.

Fifth: Capitalism runs free in Sweden and always has!

Risk taking would in fact boom under a system where individuals know they have their backs covered! This is not rocket science; it is common sense. One of the dumbest concepts pushed by a certain faction of Conservatives is that it is the promise of immense wealth that drives risk taking. Bullshit! Even a moments thought tells us that is nonsense! No the world is not full of thwarted entrepreneurs living under systems of high marginal taxes; show me one such individual!

Under a system such as the Swedish tax system there is still enormous wealth to go around for those with great ideas, inventions and businesses! Do a little research David.

Entrepreneurs do what they do because they don’t want to answer to another doofus and they love what they do; higher taxes once they have made it is not going to stop a single risk taking entrepreneur.

What the US needs is smarter, efficient government instead of the archaic garbage we pour money into now. We need smart regulation. Sweden has far less and far more intelligent regulation than any region of the US by the way. Running a business is easier and less regulated in Sweden than it is in the US.

Big government is never the issue; it’s complex, disorganized government that is the problem.

Raise taxes and kill all subsidies. Raise taxes and cut the the more than 2000 Federal pork programs. Raise taxes in a steeply progressive fashion and provide the means to discover the next Bill Gates, Einstein, Marie Curie or Bach somewhere among our future children. Children that now don’t have a chance in hell to even get a glimpse of the path from the ghetto to the rest of the world.

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