Fork In The Road

Starting over is tough. I feel like I’m starting over every day. I’ve been on a path to an early demise for years and I finally did something to change that. I found a fork in the road and I stood at that fork for a long time and contemplated which path to take. It was as if I was in a deep, dark forest and one path was heavily overgrown, with dark, menacing vines growing down, as if they were reaching to wrap you in their deathly embrace. The other path was wide and flat, with sunlight streaming down through the branches above.

To the left was the path I had been following, full of fear and hate and bitterness. A path that was laid with land mines of jealousy and rage, of wrong intentions and made up ideas. It was a familiar path and I could continue to walk it alone or I could decide differently. I could walk away from all of that and be happy.

To the right was a path of light and love, of happiness. A path that was different from what I had been following for years. It offered love and a promise for a future filled with said love, with family, with a fulfilling life. It was something I had always dreamed of but didn’t feel I was worthy of, for whatever reasons.

I stood at the fork and waited for sunset, I waited for the moon to reveal herself and perhaps show me the path I should follow. She kept me waiting that night. She peeked out over the horizon while I waited patiently. She slowly and seductively continued to rise to the point where she would fully reveal herself and help me make my decision. She snaked higher and higher, making me wait, and wait I did, until she fully rose to the top of the black night and showed me what I needed to see, the answer I had been waiting for.

Hesitantly, I started down the path to the right, with a confidence I hadn’t felt before. I started down the path, even though I had information I wasn’t supposed to have, information that had already hurt me and would probably blossom into something that would hurt me even more, but I persisted. La Luna guided me here, so it must be right. The path was clearly marked in the bath of full moonlight but there were dark patches along the side of the path, they were seductive in their own way. They whispered to me to stray from the clearly lit path I was on. They were convincing. They knew my fears.

“It’s only lunch, until it’s not,” they hissed.

“You have nothing to worry about…or do you?” they pondered.

“The only constant is that everything changes,” they taunted.

I continued down my chosen path, confident and caring. I ignored them. They were only trying to get me to veer to the path on the left, to cut across the fields of emotion and intuition. I stayed true. I refused to veer off my chosen course. I chose love and life. I chose peace and inspiration. I chose to push the shadows away and be happy, for as ever long as that lasted.

I hope I chose correctly, that I won’t be burned again. If I am, so be it. I will continue down the path on the right, until someone meets me at the end of the path.

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