Good Morning X5

Having a great day starts the moment you wake up. Some people might argue it even starts the night before, since a good day is predicated on being responsive, present and awake.

In the last five years I have grown accustomed to the idea that we can bring happiness to those around us by starting the day with five Good Mornings. It does not matter who you say good morning to. It can be a stranger on the street, someone on the train, your co-worker or boss, a loved one or a neighbor. The point is that you attempt to connect with another human being in the morning and wish them well.

Its pretty amazing what these two words can elicit. Someone having a bad day might be appreciative. A stranger could feel thankful for being noticed and a co-worker might respond by asking if you would like to grab a cup of coffee.

It should not be an insincere gesture. If you mean well to others, its my hope that this feeling could spread to others.

Give it a try for a week. Think about the reactions that you get. If you like saying good morning, then add it to your daily routine.