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Imagine the GSW LOD against the ’97 Bulls!

Steph, Klay, Dray, Iggy, KD

Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Harper, Kucoc

Oh, wait…hmm… umm, am I crazy to think the only clear advantage the GSW is KD over Kucoc? If Steph guards Harper, then Klay and Iggy have to guard Jordan / Pippen (assumes Dray had to check Rodman down low, or Rodman would get 20 Offensive rebounds. If Dray guards Jordan or Pippin, who checks Rodman?)

Harper, Jordan, Pippin and Rodman were 4 of 5 or so best wing defenders of that season (possibly even era). All were 6'5" or taller. Everyone c0uld switch, had muscle, could pressure the handle, had freakish arms and quickness. Seriously, Harper was the 4th best defender on that team and would be All-Defense today (Tony Allen with handle and some scoring).

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