I feel much the same.
Eric Schulz

Oh, I agree. I didn’t even get to the mental part, where Rodman incites Dray into a ‘Banned from basketball indefinitely’ act, or Jordan making Klay, Steph and KD cry. Just pointing out that when I see people talk about Longley or Kerr not being able to compete with LOD, they forget


was the original (and still greatest) LOD. [I mean seriously, with today’s rules, wouldn’t that be a near perfect pace and space team? 4 ball handlers, 5 scorers, lots of length, 4 stoppers on D. Who could stop them? You will never be able to convince me that Jordan, Pippen, Harper and Kucoc could not learn to shoot Corner 3’s at a high percentage. Rodman shot threes a few years, and now it wouldn’t even be weird.] With the exception of KD /Kucoc, the Bulls version of the GSW LOD(Harper -> Iggy, Pippen -> Klay, Jordan -> Curry, Rodman -> Green) was as good or better defender, and as good or better offensive player (and thus a better all-around player) and one ‘ell of a lot meaner. Plus, 6x titles for Pippin, Jordan, Harper (some with LAL), 5x for Rodman, 3x for Kucoc means that the GSW still have some proving to do.

Think about it, Jordan, the GOAT, had the only three players (Pippen Rodman and Harper) that could really even compete defensively against him ON HIS TEAM. It would be like if Lebron had Draymond, Kawhi, Paul George on his team.

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