What are people saying about Meditation?

Meditation has been uprising to people’s daily rituals recently, but to me more exact, mindful meditation has upraised in our daily rituals. What is mindful meditation you ask? Well it is the current meditation that everyone is focusing on, modern meditation. In ancient meditation, they focus it on meditating to a deity/god, but with mindful meditation you are focusing on yourself, focusing on self-reflection, so that you can let go of all you problems and this leads to low blood pressure and also lower your stress and anxiety levels. But the question is, what is everyone saying about meditation?
After reading many articles and the comment section on some of them, the main focus on what people are bringing up is…does it work? Of course many people know the other methods of meditation (yoga) and the benefits of meditation, but many people are skeptical. A lot of people have tried mindful meditations and many have had different experiences. Daily/professional meditators had some things to say to the people who don’t think it works. For example Joseph Emmett says meditation “isn’t easy.” Emmett points out that our mind has no capacity to focus itself and to completely focus we must have a strong intellect. He then says that we meditate to strengthen the intellect. To know when the intellect is strong is when we don’t accept anything for granted, question everything in life, and never to follow anything until your reason and judgement accepts it. We already done this in our early stages in life, so like he said before it’s our mind capacity and that we cannot focus on meditation and that’s why it is hard for people and that’s why people say it doesn’t work for them. 
In another article, Thorin Klosowski said that concentration and focus is a main problem for people who meditate, but he also says that our brain is like a muscle and we must train them. Meditation actually helps with concentration and focus. Klosowski also has evidence from recent studies that meditation does increase productivity and help you focus. This article did have a comment section and many people do agree about concentration and focus is a main thing to have while meditating. Others also say that meditation is a “Your Mileage May Vary,” meaning whatever you put in you get back. But many people also complain on how long it takes or how long they do it and they see in results and this again leading to concentration and focus. 
In my last article from NY Times, they say that we need to focus more on the mindfulness aspect in our mindful meditation, but many disagree on that fact. One person said that if we do focus on the mindfulness part then we would focus on way too many detail on what our mind thinks and we would see little to no result. The person also says, “practice the wrong way for the wrong reasons will get you know where.” So does that mean that people who do meditate and see know results are doing it the wrong way? Another person also points out that the author is having mindfulness and concentration both mixed up and that they are two different things. He says that concentration is more narrow and mindfulness is more broad. But yet it all leads to one thing which is that people do not get meditation because of the lack of focus.
In my experience, I had a class that focused on meditations and I remember a time my teacher told us to close our eyes and to focus on our breathing, which is a basic step in meditation. Then all of a sudden he yells, “Don’t think about the Golden Gate Bridge, whatever you do just do not think of it!” He repeatedly said this until our minds caught and thought of something else. The meaning of the meditation is to show how easy it that our minds lose focus and it’s hard to concentrate, but yet it took us a while to lose focus because of how skilled we are in meditation and how strong our focus is. This shows that yes, meditation is hard depending on how good you are in focusing, but practice makes perfect. Practicing the art will for sure get you where you need to be.

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