Story no.1

Once upon a time there was a boy. He watched this speech by Steven Spielberg and another one by George Lucas. He was thinking about becoming a movie director and that’s why he came across this speeches. Steven talked about how a passion or a dream whispers and rarely shouts and he wasn’t sure if it’s a good that he already knows what he want’s to be. And then George talked about how different routs would always take him to the same dream or passion because he was always following and doing what he loved. He also talked about joy and pleasure. In a nutshell pleasure is ‘bad’, selfish and short-lasting while joy is long-lasting, ‘good’, and centered on others. And most of all, this boy didn’t know whether to go or not to go to film school. He read some articles about why going to film school is useless and its better to ‘know what to make your movie about rather than how to make it.’

So…he was confused and he needed someone that would demystify some of this to him.

Here are the two talks he watched: