Prompt #15: your last 24 hours, reviewed Yelp-style
Death To Stock

Okay, I’ll try…

Regular Wednesday

3 stars

This Wednesday was one of the most regular days of the week. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. And I have seen a few, I can tell ya. It’s right there in the middle of the week, right after the slow, cold start after an exciting weekend. And it’s right before the slow, cold ending of the week before and exciting weekend. Traffic was pretty heavy this morning (2 stars tops). The roadside construction was mildly entertaining at best, as was the pair of fender benders a few miles after the construction zone. But some of my fellow road users seemed to like them, judging by the amount of rubbernecking.

Office was okayish, some people thought it was necessary to take a day off without telling anyone, which is always nice if you have an appointment with them (check out my 1 star review for that sort of behavior).

I fired up my laptop, which needs its own Yelp review (also 1 star, because it moves more slowly than the average glacier) and I drank some of the black stuff my manager keeps calling ‘coffee’. Spoiler: it’s not. Anyway, why the 3 stars if everything is so bad? Well, for one the cake one of my colleagues brought to work was at least 4 stars, with extra points for the time it takes to serve and eat it, which means less time for actual work. Yay! But what really made this Wednesday great again, was the fact that I returned home safely to enjoy an evening with my family (5 stars by the way, but check out their review later). All in all, I think I’ll have another Wednesday next week.

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