I’m a company builder. By day I run Super Evil Megacorp, a game company. By night I sleep better by thinking about ways that I can help with the COVID-19 crisis.

At the start of March, we shared our remote first bible to help other companies preparing for COVID-19 scenarios. Two weeks later I shared an open source business plan for one way that a startup could help society get out of the coming mess. That led to the founding of Primary —a group of volunteers building community-wide COVID-19 test operations for community-wide efforts like testingbolinas.org.

Now, as talk is…

A Surprisingly Good Way to Learn Foreign Languages on Your Phone

I build computer gaming startups by day. But I enjoy foreign languages in my free time. I grew up Finnish-Swedish bilingual. I’ve spent over 20 years in a primarily English speaking environment. And I’ve enjoyed learning Spanish, Portuguese and German in particular at different times in different ways.

A few months ago I decided I wanted to brush up on my Spanish. So I decided to give the popular language learning apps Babbel and Duolingo a try. I’ve enjoyed Duolingo in particular for its varied, quick exercises and overall…

(this is a cross-post from superevilmegacorp.com/blog)

First of all, we’re excited today to announce four pretty big things for us :

  1. Our strategic partnership with NetEase for China
  2. Our upcoming PC and Mac Vainglory. Get the “Vox on Ice” skin free by participating in the PC alpha [here]
  3. Our commitment to cross-platform competitive parity with all esports going cross-platform in 2019.
  4. Our intent for Vainglory to launch on console by the end of 2019.

[See press release for details]

In this (long!) post I want to share the post-platform vision we have been working toward over the past years, and…

Below is the email I just sent to all Super Evil Megacorp staff as a result of President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration. Not a mail I ever expected to need to write.

Hi guys,

Yesterday President Trump issued an executive order to limit entry to the United States to citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This includes existing holders of green cards and other valid visas. This applies to dual citizenship holders also. (British / Iraqi for example). The full text of the Executive Order is below:


This is pretty serious. For example…

Kristian Segerstråle

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