Tell Me More About How Much You Hate Millennials, You Old Fart
Ellie Guzman

I’m a millennial, aged 24 (I know soooooo old, sarcasm), and clearly from my picture and my name I’m whiter than white bread (again sarcasm). And clearly I’m “privileged” because my parents are first generation legal immigrants to America who came to America with nothing but suitcases and a $100/week job (sarcasm yet again).

Point is (without sarcasm), I’m a young, minority, lower socioeconomic class millennial with a background of hard working, lower working class parents. I had jobs in high school and college and earned a full academic scholarship to attend a top 15 computer science program (U of Maryland), graduated with Honors, and I hate the attitude of Talia and those like you defending her. (Oh by the way, I also lived in San Francisco with five roommates and no car, just to save money, unlike Talia the brat).

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