An Open Letter To Both Talia and Stefanie
Alexis Dent

Yeah I 100% disagree with this article you wrote, Alexis, first on the point of privilege and second the point of “living wage”.

First, my parents came to America with a grand total of $0 and two suitcases and my dad worked from $100 a week to a decent but still bottom 30% salary in America. I was raised tough to work hard and appreciate the value of a dollar from parents who worked for everything they owned and never received a dime of welfare, food stamps, single-payer health insurance, or any sort of nonsense of government benefits. My sisters and I all received full academic scholarships and I have a reasonable job as a software engineer at a Fortune 100 company and my sisters are both engineers.

The point being, hard work, NOT privilege, is the key to earning success. (And snarky side note, obviously I’m not white either, if race is supposed to be a factor of privilege).

Second, on the note of “living wage”. That is complete nonsense. Your salary is the price of your labor to your employer. Don’t like it? Work hard, study some skills or learn some valuable knowledge for the industry you desire to work in, and work yourself up. I lived in Silicon Valley as a software engineer, and I had five roommates, even though I made more than minimum wage. The point being, if your earnings are X, your rent should not be more than .4 X, and utilize roommates and living in a lower rent neighborhood to adjust the cost of your housing. Maybe if she worked harder and smarter, and planned her life better and cheaper, and did less whining on social media (interestingly enough she flaunted expensive alcohol on social media too, but I guess she was “starving”) then she’d be better off.

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