Ads: How Experiential Events Responding Around Coronavirus-related Cancellations

Countless event cancellations and impacted businesses can also hurt both consumers and brand health. How consumers response the cancellations?

Yayoi Kusama Museum Macan. (Source: Unsplash)

While physical distancing is a critical component of slowing the spread of COVID-19, it has led to countless event cancellations and impacted businesses and venues. Experiential events such as the entertainment and sports industries, which typically rely on gatherings like music concerts, museums or exhibitions, have been heavily hit. Naturally, these sudden yet mandatory changes have hurt both consumers and brand health. The previous article discussed how the brand’s response to brand awareness of a product in the midst of this crisis (read again).

Experiential events is one of the marketing strategy, is all about direct engagement with consumers and creatively interacting with them in a memorable way. Whatever the format may be, experiential events has proven to boost brand awareness. Some experiential events in Jakarta are IIMS 2020, Museum Macan, LaLaLa Festival and others.

Positive Sentiment and More Share Feelings

Physical distancing policy that impacts on the closure and cancellation of a number of events, does not make consumers sad and disappointed. Instead, they showed a positive response and agreed towards event cancellation in order to support policies to prevent the spread of disease. More recently, they share feelings to keep each other stay healthy.

LaLaLa Festival 2020 cancellation due to support physical distancing. (Instagram: LaLaLa Festival)

Museum Macan which has closed its place invites their followers to ‘visit’ the museum on Internet with the tagline Musem From Home. As for they are active in Podcast content and active in responding to the comments of their followers.

Museum Macan with tagline Musem From Home. (Instagram: Museum Macam)

Reconnect with Consumers

Synthesio, one of IPSOS company, provide strategies to restore the trust of the company or event organizer and reduce consumer disappointment due to event cancellations. Companies can rest assured that consumers generally understand the circumstances surrounding event cancellations. Social media could be the right choice now, it allows companies to remain connected with audiences in a safe way. Internet consumption in Indonesia is very high at the moment (read here).

Share Throwback Photos and Videos

Companies and event organizers through official accounts on social media can share photos and video of activities that have been carried out before. This is a lighthearted yet straightforward way to boost consumer awareness and keep your company top-of-mind.

Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) share videos. (Instagram: IIMS)

Begin a Photo-Sharing Challenge

Current social media algorithms can help to increase the visibility of accounts on these social media. You can do photo challenges on Instagram or Facebook where users share their favorite photos when visiting an event or event venue. Photo challenge themes can range from favorite photo spots, favorite booths, favorite culinary delights and more. Furthermore, it encourages digital audiences to regularly check the official account for winners.

Galeri Nasional Indonesia making challenges encourage their followers to make sketches from home. (Instagram: Galeri Nasional Indonesia)

Boost Brand Image by Encouraging Social Support

The COVID-19 pandemic caused some people to feel burdened, especially financial problems. Some product brands are currently donating to support people who are experiencing financial problems. Companies can boost their brand image by encouraging their followers to support local businesses and providing link to do so.

Semasa x Jakarta Sneaker Day and Brightspot Market encourage their followers to make donations. (Instagram: Semasa & Brightspot Market)

Things are changing every day. Although many consumers and citizens are supportive of decisions in line with physical distancing, the attitude may change any day. Companies need to understand what their audiences are thinking and stay top-of-mind in a sensitive way.

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