The Politics of Not Shaving in This Patriarchal Dystopia
Sarah Kasbeer

Loved this! Thank you!

It’s a funny thing, I feel much more empowered and therefore infinitely sexier when I’m hairy but my husband is definitely more attracted to smooth legs (armpits less of a deal breaker) although he supports me completely and enthusiastically in my pursuit of hirsute. There was some interesting research I came across recently (when researching my own piece on body hair) about why men *may* prefer smooth bodies on women. Hearkens back to days of early humans with full body hair and lice problems as far as I can remember.

About my own experiences…I stopped shaving a while ago to support my daughter who started puberty really early. I’m a photographer and I took a photo of her (she’s eleven) with her body hair and then with her permission shared it with a women’s only group on facebook. I was really proud of her for being strong and open minded but their responses really upset me and I wrote something about it. Thought you might be interested.

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