The answer can kill a conversation! And, more importantly, quite often the person asked knows it’s just an empty, meaningless question and an immediate turn off.
Kris, I love this (and often feel the same way).
Steve Dodd

This is so true, and I have to admit I’m guilty of it myself. Most of the time, as soon as I ask, “How are you?” I immediately regret it. Suddenly the conversation becomes awkward and I realize I could have asked a more specific question or just said something like, “It’s so good to see you!” (only if it’s true).

It’s amazing to me how many folks have responded to this when it was really just a rant after four too many whiskeys. But they say alcohol brings out the honesty and I was truly struggling with how to answer this seemingly generic question.

Anyway, I appreciate your input. It makes a lot more sense now that you and others have responded. I thought I was just a complete weirdo.

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