Budapest and Beyond

Well again it’s been awhile since I last wrote. My last adventure consisted of going to Budapest with the international group at Passau. It was a wild four day ride from the first seven hour bus ride to the last. Budapest if you haven’t been reminded me a lot of Paris, had the same big city smell with the historical parts as well as the parts in need of repair. The trip was many many miles of walking followed by standing in busses or on trains. Fun fact Budapest has the oldest underground rail system in Europe! We also baked in the sun all three days but your favorite German/Norwegian hybrid managed to escape with no sunburn!! It was a miracle haha! Our hostel was actually part of student apartments that study at the university, my four roommates and I jokingly called our room an insane asylum because it had four beds and all white walls. The breakfasts there were amazing though! Along with the other food that we got to try including two variations of a traditional Hungarian lunch! We had our own private tour of the parliament building by a lawyer who actually works at the parliament!! That was incredibly cool! We also went to a famous spa to relax for a couple hours! Go figure though we baked in the sun all day then when we get to the spa the clouds come out haha. Don’t worry though it was a thermal spa so we were comfortable. We also went to a couple clubs and danced till dawn… literally one night haha. Overall it was a great trip to Budapest with many adventures and stories that I am unable to fit in a blog post. We came back from Budapest to a school holiday the next week. That’s what happens when you go to school in a very religious state you have all religious holidays off with a few school holidays thrown into the mix. Don’t worry though I am studying and improving my German to where even I can tell!

Now my next adventure starts in two hours where Mikala and I are taking an impromptu trip to Prague to meet up with our friend Tim from UMD! After that its only one short week before my sister and mom come then it’ll be close to me having my last adventure in the three most expensive countries in Europe and then home to start the biggest adventure….senior year of COLLEGE!!! Crazy how the time has flown by but I remain upbeat and excited about all that’s left in store for me :) it’s definitely not finished!! Talk to you after Prague!!

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