Well… I have not written in about two weeks. I’ve tried but I can never seem to actually get up the motivation to fill you all in on my life. What have I been up to? Well, I’m already wrapping up my second week of classes; just one more at two today and then I’m done for the weekend. The first week of class was good I understood most of the German being spoken so that’s a plus! I don’t have a very busy school schedule just three classes on Tuesday and one on each Wednesday and Friday. So that leaves a bit of time for free time which I know will change with homework and exams)! Last Saturday we went to Dult for the first time in our Dirndls and everything *very German*, it was a blast! For those who don’t know Dult is a two week spring festival (kinda like Oktoberfest but on a slightly smaller scale). We went back to Dult on Monday and Tuesday, and then I came down with a cold on Tuesday. Which put me in bed for the rest of this week basically. Finally today (Friday) I am starting to feel better! Yay!!

Last night as I was in my bed not feeling well and missing home (namely an amazing tea that makes your throat feel 1000x better) I got to thinking about how this trip was supposed to make me a more independent person, more outgoing and adventurous. This trip is supposed to be me doing something for myself on my own. I couldn’t come up with an answer right away as to why I felt so dependent on the people back home. Then this morning it hit me, I’ve been homesick. Not in the lay in my bed and cry every night homesick but a constantly checking my phone, always checking in with friends and family, always thinking about how they’re doing kind of homesick. What that made me realize was that they are fine back home, things are going forward like normal, they are continuing to live their lives. I need to do the same, I need to stop worrying about everyone back home and how they are doing and focus on the fact that I am in a foreign country and that I need to seize every opportunity. I knew this leaving for Germany but it’s definitely easier said than done. One of the ways I think is the hardest to get used to is the silence. For those who know me I am either always talking, listening, listening to music, always surrounded by sound. Over here it’s more quiet, maybe not peaceful but definitely quieter. This is more now me just thinking out loud and realizing I need a hobby while I’m over here because the silence makes me overthink things. Now it’s noon on a Friday and I’m in a reflective funky mood. It’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the day holds. For now though, this post has been long enough. TTFN tata for now :)