Ok so I’m going to first off apologize for my crappy grammar for an English teachers daughter. ☺ Not to make excuses for myself but I’ve been typing these on my phone and the spell check hates me so just a heads up on that. On this trip I’m finding already that I am adjusting! Yay assimilation haha, point being that one of my roommates at the hostel was snoring like a chainsaw which normally I can’t sleep through. However after a little bout of it’s 5 o’clock back home I’m not tired I managed to actually get a good night’s sleep!! So now it’s almost 7 in a dreary rainy looking London (glad I have my yellow umbrella thanks to Dylan) and 12:30 in the morning back home. Read an email from mom to have me try and remember the time difference because I texted her at 3:15 your time (I don’t think she appreciated it haha) So on to today’s adventures!! We are going on a bus day trip to Windsor castle, Oxford and Stonehenge!! Check facebook for all the pictures…. Tomorrow because we ended up switching today and tomorrow. So today we went all over london. After grabbing a mocha and a breakfast sandwich (really yummy, see above picture) at a really quick moving coffee shop (Leons highly recommend) we hopped on a double decker for a ride! Of course I had to sit on top, got a bit chilly at times but we toughed it out till we got to the tower of London!! So much history and information! We got to see the crown jewels and listen to a guy get yelled at for taking photos (can’t take pictures of the sparkling gems). Walked over to the London tower bridge and proceed to climb countless flights of stairs to get to the viewing part and stand on glass overlooking the cars and river below (the picture of me on fb with my tongue sticking out is the aftermath of climbing all those stairs). After a short maybe 5 block walk we found ourselves in front of not the first, not the second but the third globe theater!!! (Turns out fire is really hard on wood lol) learned all about the plays and the man himself William Shakespeare. After catching a long bus ride we made it to one of the most expensive shopping malls I will ever be in in my life!! One small dress or jacket alone was 999£!! That’s crazy! We then hopped on the tube back to our hostel to recharge our fading batteries before repacking our bags in preparation of a busy day tomorrow and a somewhat early flight to Dublin on Thursday. Can’t believe I’m almost done with London for the time being and I haven’t even had a spot of tea and crumpet although I think someone did call me dearie haha. Went out in search of a English pub and found a cute little one tucked in the side of building. I sampled an IPA, and a Guinness even though get the real thing in couple days ☺!! I realize as I lay in my hostel bed, once again listening to my chainsaw of a roommate that it’s 6 o’clock back home and would be the perfect time to call home via messenger but I find myself wanting sleep above else so hoping my family understands that I need sleep and do want to talk to them they might not be to upset with me that I chose sleep. On that note nighty night America.

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