The boy who lived…. That was a tour that I will never forget. Even if some aspects of Harry Potter are ruined for ever thanks to the magic of special and visual effects it was still worth it. To see how the world of Hogwarts came to life all the props and sets it was breathtaking and amazing!! You walked in through the great hall which was made to last at the very beginning of the first movie. Then walk through the costumes and makeup, Gryffindor common room. The forbidden forest was new this year and we got to see it. I faced my slowly dying fear of spiders to see how they made them look so real! Found the train to Hogwarts, had my first butterbeer. Tried to see if gringots was accepting job applications (they are not ☹)Then last but certainly not least saw the full mini version of Hogwarts. I will be honest I teared up a bit at the sight of it, it was that breathtakingly gorgeous. If you ever get to London and you are a Harry Potter fan get to Warner bros studios. It will be worth it, one handy tip: you can buy bus tickets to Warner bros on the bus there ;)

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