Is Hillary Clinton One of Us?
Aaron Loeb

The reason 1/2 the country is demanding HRC be held accountable is because she broke the law. Hillary chose to use an unsecured server. Hillary and her staff lied about the contents of her emails. Hillary lied to the people she represents. Hillary’s husband compromised an ongoing investigation by meeting with the AG in private. The opposition didn’t cause this! Hillary is the cause of Hillary’s legal problems! Defending her just because she is a Democrat is not a defense! Tell us, if this was George Bush would your argument be the same? Would he be innocent because he is one of “us”? Fair treatment under the law means all people are treated the same not according to your ideological slant. The emails are a cause for serious concern according to her own staff. I get this sucks and I get its hard to stand up for what is right when it is your guy who did a bad thing. The problem is if you are not willing to call out your own then they will see that and continue to do bad things knowing the base will cover for them. God help us then! Thanks for the article. I don’t agree but I think you should be able to voice your opinion without being attacked.

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