A Gift of Grief

Creative Commons image “Grief” by Cathy Baird via Flickr. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/catherineannbaird/)

One of the things grief does for us is to sensitize us to the grief of others. At first this is not particular gift: we are too aware of our own sadness to think about the sorrows of others.

But, sooner than we think, we will learn of people with grief like ours, and will reach out to them. Maybe they will be people we already know. Maybe they will be strangers.

But if circumstances throw us together and we have a chance to talk, we will be strangers no more. We will know immediately the suffering each other is going through and we will be mutually strengthened and uplifted in this new relationship. And the story continues.

As others who know out story experience their own tragedies, they will turn to us for help, and our empathy will give them comfort and hope. We will also be reminded of how far we have come and of the commonality of the human story that enables us to love and support each other!

Originally published at stillstandingbykristi.blogspot.com on October 16, 2015.