Letting Go

Creative Commons image “Sage Advice” by Randy Heinitz via Flickr.

Everyone has experienced struggle, heartbreak, loneliness, failure and loss in their lives.

We all are human.

But some people are able to put those experiences behind them and move on with hope and optimism looking forward to a brighter future. Others can’t seem to let those difficult times go.

The difference is that the people that can’t let them go keep replaying the bad times over and over in their minds.

They go back and revisit the difficult days every day, in those quiet moments when they are alone and have time to think.

They replay them over and over like a broken record.

They feel the sadness and all the emotions that go with the difficult times over and over again throughout the days, weeks, months and years that follow, never allowing them to fade from their memories.

Let go.

Originally published at stillstandingbykristi.blogspot.com on October 16, 2015.

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