Tell Your Story

Creative Commons image “Stories never live alone…” by Ronnie Pitman via Flickr.

An important part of healing from your grief is to tell your story. Over and over again..Because if you were really able to fully grasp the magnitude of what happened, you would most likely not be able to survive.

It’s just too much.

So, your spirit, your mind, and your body protects you by allowing the truth to sink in slowly over time. At a pace you can live with.

And it’s in telling the story of what happened over and over again that you are able to see and come to deal with the truth of what happened.

It’s important to comb through the details, relive the sights and sounds. Go ahead and ask, “What if and Why didn’t I and If only?”

Nothing is off limits. Turn over every scenario so that no part of the experience is locked behind a closed door. It’s painful at first. But keep on telling your story. Because telling the story is a path to healing. And one day you discover that you can’t tell it. Not one more time. You just can’t do it.

This is what healing feels like!

Originally published at on October 16, 2015.

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