Two women on the water reminded me how to feel love

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I spotted two women on paddle boards the same day my son passed away, except I hadn’t known at the time that these two events would happen on the same date.

I was peacefully hiking a 5-kilometer trail around the perimeter of a lake that afternoon, wildly snapping photos of nature’s finest gifts enveloping me. I’ve never seen a place quite like Emerald Lake in the Canadian Rockies.

Not even halfway around the perimeter I’d already chalked this day up to one of the most visually gratifying days of my life. …

You’re not looking hard enough

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

There have been many times when I’ve looked at my life and thought it would make one hell of a book. Not a very happy book at times, but a riveting book nonetheless.

Recently, my riveting book came to a heart wrenching end with the passing of my own child. A vibrant young soul’s life tragically cut short because that’s the way God and the universe intended it to be, no matter how hard I loved him.

One may think there could be no sequel to such a final, abrupt ending.

But there is.

If I were to read this as someone else’s story I’d say it could only be fiction but it’s 100% truth. So if you like ghost stories, keep reading. …

There is no playbook written for this part of life

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I wanted to call this story, “You Haven’t Seen Ugly Until You’ve Seen a Grieving Mother.”

My son would have laughed himself silly over that title and then helped me write the story. He would have made fun of my rat's nest hair right now, he would have cracked jokes about how I look like I’ve been punched in both eyes.

He’d tell me to stop scaring people and go take a shower.

That was just him. Always the clown in any crowd he was part of. …

What their ‘capture and funnel’ process taught me about marketing

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Image by pithonius from Pixabay

At this moment, I’m doing two things simultaneously. First, I’m packing for a road trip and second, I’m heavily engaged in a digital course about creating digital courses.

I have only delved into the first module of my course so far and the points the initial lessons are driving home are email marketing and funneling.

What does my road trip have to do with anything? AirBnB, that’s what. The popular online booking service is a hardcore gangster in the email and funneling biz and they don’t forget a single move you’ve made.

Price comparing? They know you are. Making general inquiries to specific accommodations? They’ve already got you funneled appropriately. …


Obviously I’ve been hanging out in all the wrong places until now

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Photo by Mariana Yarritu on Unsplash

I have died and gone to ego heaven. Can I just tell you it’s utopia up in here? I just achieved what every creator wishes they could and I hope I’ll get to see at least one of you reach these heights.

Let’s be honest, I should be wearing a friggin bedazzled tiara and a “girl boss” sash right now.

Something I created slayed over 1400 comments within a few hours. Even better, nearly 5000 people laughed at it, hearted it, and gave it the old thumbs up.

A single sentence has catapulted me from peasant to fame and rising star fortune, overnight. I just happened to post it in the right place at the right time and now I’m a celebrity. …

Social media will babysit for free, but it will cost you your child

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

When I caught wind of controversy surrounding the release of a movie called “Cuties,” I had no trouble cuing it up on Netflix. Even after I’d heard from several people that they didn’t think they could stomach it.

I’d first heard about Cuties from a coworker who made it sound nothing short of a child porn flick. My mouth gaped as she told me what she’d heard (not seen) about the content in the movie.

I couldn’t believe for a second that Netflix would take on such a lewd movie so I marched straight over to Google to read a synopsis. …

Not one where everyone is in it for themselves

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Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash

Something happened to me recently and I have never felt so validated in all my life. Never before have I received such a welcome from a bunch of strangers — not even back in the days when I had a following of 5000+ people through my blog.

I joined a private Facebook group of members who are all on similar journeys to mine and upon publishing my first post, I was met with 359 likes and 162 comments within 24 hours.

On a single intro post.

My mind was blown. I can’t remember ever feeling so welcome.

The thing about this Facebook group is that literally NONE of the 3.2K members are in the same industry as I am. We are all doing our own thing but we each have one common…

Let someone else do the heavy lifting for you

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

I would never attempt to talk anyone out of launching their own blog but if you’re thinking about it and have no idea what’s involved, brace yourself.

After a year-long hiatus from travel blogging, it made me cringe briefly when I considered getting back into it. Why so cringe-worthy? Because I already did it for ten years and it sucked the life out of me. Not in a bad way, but in an all-encompassing, one-man-show kind of way.

As any long-term blogger will tell you, there’s a ton of work involved. You can’t just set up a good looking, high functioning home for your writing without plenty of forethought and know-how. …

But I did them anyway and I’m a little repulsed

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There’s a seriously negative vibe going on around this platform. I can’t be sure if it has escalated recently or if it has always been here and I’m only noticing lately. Either way, it’s become a little pukey compared to the way I used to experience Medium.

I’m just as guilty as the next guy for contributing to the overall negativity as of late, and it sort of makes me want to flick myself in the ear right where it hurts.

Hypocrisy is unattractive, yet here I sit…doing one thing and telling people another.

Just this week I published a post on my external blog encouraging outside writers to give Medium a try because it’s been such a positive experience for me. Then I realized that if they came here and looked at my profile the first thing they’d notice is me slamming the platform every fifth post. …

This one is for the people in the back, in case they’re not being heard

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I like when celebrities sign up for huge writing platforms to write politically fueled rants. It’s compelling to hear what they think about the state of whatever it is they’re ranting about.

Thousands of star-struck minions flock to the celebrity word just like disciples flocked to the bible, and it’s fun to watch it unfold.

Sometimes celebrity words are fascinating and make a lot of sense in the grand scheme. They’ve certainly got clout if they’re able to rack up the applause the way they do.

I’m sure they’re trying to make a difference.

But hundreds of regular people write incredible societal rants too and their messages are just as important, if not more so. Except they’re rarely as heard as the celebrity. …


Kristi Keller

Write like no one is reading, because it might be true. Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

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