Yeah, we know a lot of people died in eight seasons of Game of Thrones, but WHO DID THE MOST KILLING?

Source: HBO
Source: HBO
Source: HBO

You know, when I started taking a four month course in Data Visualization on Udacity, I genuinely didn’t expect for my final project to include taking a deep dive into a dataset about televised murder on a popular fantasy TV show. But that’s life! One day you’re managing the production of a weekly magazine about the oil and gas industry, and the next you’re publishing a data story examining eight seasons of fantasy death.

I’ve been working in some version of publishing production (essentially project management for the 97% of you who have no idea what ‘publishing production’ entails) since I was 22. In 2007, I worked on a trade magazine about the home building industry; in 2008 I got notified I was getting laid off, because apparently working on magazines dedicated to an industry whose bubble had just burst was not, in fact, a recipe for success. …


Kristin Foster

I like to write stuff sometimes!

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