This is not becoming homeless, it is becoming houseless.
Mike Zint

I think I used a term that offended many, something I wasn’t trying to do, and I apologize for the. Calling it houseless is fine. The point of the article was that this is what it took for me to pay off debt and save money in a ridiculous housing market. I wasn’t trying to compare myself to the masses who are forced into living on the streets, a huge problem in San Francisco that needs to be solved. I am glad I went houseless for four months, as months later I was laid off and now live on a boat with no amenities (no kitchen, bathroom, etc.) I can’t afford rent anywhere without a job. I’m glad I took a step to give up my home to become financially positive, because now I have a reserve that I can use instead of going into debt or relying on the government for services. In writing this story, I hoped to share that there are options other than paying exorbitant rent to becoming cash positive in San Francisco. I’m sorry I used the word homeless to describe my situation. Maybe if we call it intentionally houseless people can then move on from the word and understand the real point of my article.

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