You Don’t Have To Suffer For Your Art
Ilana Gordon

I appreciated your argument. But I look at Medium, and I worry about how to separate making good art from making popular art.

I think art is pretty simple. It is the creative expression of life. If I conceive it, and I create it, it deserved to be made. Bingo! I made art. I am an artist.

My art doesn’t need to be popular, and neither do I as an artist. By trying to fit in, or to be liked, or to avoid critique, I lose originality.

So I always create art in an imaginary world where there is no audience. And when I do share my work (which is not often), I try to never prompt for any response. I enjoyed making it; I enjoyed the thought of someone seeing it. So I give my creative self a little pat on the back and move on ’til inspiration strikes again.

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