What’s Really Going On at Yale
Aaron Z. Lewis

College is about learning and getting degrees to better your chances of obtaining work in your career of choice. Too much time is being focused on feelings and misperceptions. If one is being harassed, deal with it and call the campus police. Too many students are turning everything into black and white, literally. The black students seem to fail to notice that if they were being discriminated against, there would not be a black man in the office of President of our country! I fault him for focusing on “oppression” instead of defying the odds, bettering yourselves, and realizing that everyone of all colors and nationalities face challenges. Most importantly, it begins at HOME. Maybe students are resentful of those who are given free rides in college just because of their color? The majority in this country is white, and if we had exclusive organizations for whites only (not referring to the radical KKK), there would be a rebellion worse than those that are happening now, and all hell would break loose. We don’t have a White Entertainment Network, National Association for the Advancement of White People, White College Fund, EEOC, etc. With EEOC, for example, many better qualified whites are overlooked for employment so that the racial quota can be met — how fair is that? You are judged by your CHARACTER; not by color or any other factor, and I have many black friends who are hard-working, down-to-earth respectable people who think this whole “entitlement”, “oppression” movement is ridiculous, and is taking a giant step backward into the era of slavery, which no living person today had anything to do with, and 99% of us would never condone. Obama has divided this country like never before, and is responsible for the unrest. How dare he support criminals over our law enforcers, giving power to the wrong people and influencing the minds of the weak who make no effort to overcome life’s challenges that we ALL face. The liberal media is eating it up and enjoying all the attention to their biased propaganda, and they have changed from NEWS sources to opinion rags that do NOT represent the majority of the LEGAL citizens of this country. This new college movement is baloney, and when and if they graduate, they will find that employers are not interested in hiring dissidents and protesters. Do what you went to college for — to LEARN, not to worry about who might be judging you!

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