5 reasons to innovate with influencers vs. consumers

Qualitative design research with industry experts and influencers can give your innovation projects the winning edge.

1.) Drop out is rare

Involving participants who are experts in the field you are exploring means they have a vested personal interest in the success of your endeavor. You won’t have to pry or ask multiple, probing questions to reach insightful responses because they want to share their knowledge and collaborate on elegant, innovative solutions.

2.) There aren’t data quality issues

Getting a fresh perspective means looking for inspiration in new places, rather than the same database providers for respondents as your competitors. Uncovering new opportunity spaces means finding a new data set with a fresh perspective that you can learn from, rather than a professional respondent with rehearsed responses.

3.) Their insight is authentic

Influencers have earned the respect of peers in their field are are privy to privileged information about the latest trends and growth patterns. By earning their trust, you gain instant access to their community of like-minded experts: and exponential potential to leverage the latest insight and thinking on any given challenge.

4.) Co-creation is standard

Too often research becomes a validation process to test concepts rather than fulfilling its true potential by inspiring the team to find new ways to solve problems.

Access to influencers opens up the opportunity to super-charge the team with the energy of people passionate and motivated to co-create something completely new.

5.) It’s not just about the money

Influencers are vested in the research experience because they want to help and promote change in their field. They want to be heard and take their participation seriously. Sure you have to pay for their commitment, but the results far outweigh the cost.

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