If there’s anything certain in life — it is uncertainty. In Japan, the most beloved holiday is cherry blossom season — it’s a reminder that everything is constantly changing.

This was one of the most significant lessons in business for me. Everything changes. So I have to embrace changes and, most importantly, keep changing (evolving).

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A few years back, I was one of the top specialists in e-mail marketing in the world. I had a system and my own approach and it made wonders.

Then, internet marketing in Russia was in baby shoes. Everyone went to US to study new tricks, hacks, tactics, tools…

A few years later, one of my early students, Masha, became an Instagram celebrity in Russia, with a million followers. And surprisingly, she claims she learned it from my e-mail marketing strategies.

I find it a bit ironic, and a bit adorable. Now, I’m learning (back) from Masha her Instagram strategies, which years ago originated from me.

Today, Russian internet marketers are way ahead of the rest of the world (maybe except China), especially on Instagramg. For example, with my 14K followers, I am considered a micro influencer in English language landscape. In Russia, I’m just a “pimple” and would need at least 100K to be considered micro influencer.

Techniques and tactics used by Russian Instagramers are innovative and very curious — marathons and challenges, giveaways and like-times, interviews and “broken up” broadcasts. The scene is lively and exciting.

The irony of this situation, though, is that it will all change soon again. Who will be the new role-models and gurus then?

Well, my point is — embrace change and keep changing. It’s good for your business.

P.S. This is Lesson 2 in my series of “10 Things I Learned In Business That I Wish I Had Known All Along.” Stay tuned for the rest!

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Co-founder of Mindvalley, author and speaker, entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, everyday life philosopher, a mother of 2 kids and a Woman

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