How well do you know yourself? Your darkest corners? Your deepest feelings? I hope that reading this story you might have a glimpse into those parts of your life, where resistance rules the game. Whether it is a painful kind of resistance, like fear, worry, sadness, regret; or a much more agreeable kind, such as desire, pride, holding on to people and things. We’ll do a little exercise in letting go at the end, but first, let’s pull back the curtain, let a little light in and see what lies in the darkest corners of those worries and insecurities.

Pointless sacrifice

Have you ever wondered why certain unpleasant events happen to you? Sometimes, it takes patience and persistence to come to the point when everything suddenly starts to make sense — as if the final piece falls into the puzzle and you see the big picture. And unfortunately, sometimes it takes years of patience, persistence and faith that things happen for a reason and everything is going to be fine. …

If there’s anything certain in life — it is uncertainty. In Japan, the most beloved holiday is cherry blossom season — it’s a reminder that everything is constantly changing.

This was one of the most significant lessons in business for me. Everything changes. So I have to embrace changes and, most importantly, keep changing (evolving).

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A few years back, I was one of the top specialists in e-mail marketing in the world. I had a system and my own approach and it made wonders.

Then, internet marketing in Russia was in baby shoes. …

(Your Mindset Will Determine Your Business Success)

Entrepreneur” is such an incredibly ambiguous term, don’t you think?

Those who call themselves “entrepreneurs” are often so entirely different on every possible level. Some build businesses (solve problems), while others make money.

I don’t want to judge motives of being in business, but I’ve made a simple distinction, based on differences in mindsets.

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And this was one of my first profound lessons in business — I was once in business with a person who operated from a different mindset.

I have recently written an article about my lessons in business — there were 10, — and I’ll share them with you one by…


Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

Co-founder of Mindvalley, author and speaker, entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, everyday life philosopher, a mother of 2 kids and a Woman

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