More than Conventional Advertising

Gone are the days when we simply used flyers, posters, to market or advertise our product. With new marketing ideas being introduced lately, it’s pretty much common to see competitors taking respective marketing campaigns to a whole new level by blending in with revamped aspects like car advertising.

Transforming your car into a movable advertising machine by using vehicle wraps could be potentially worth a fortune in the long run for your business. This concept of placing adverts on most kinds of transportation like cars, buses, cabs, vans etc. is called mobile advertisement. The result of this process begins with the options of a mobile billboard or graphic designs. While more than often vehicles like buses with large, flat surfaces are used, cars are also used despite its curved surface area. One such company that provides advertising, sign production och bil reklam eskilstuna is Åkompani, operating since 1996 with offices in Malmö, Borås, Linköping, Järvsö and Stockholm.

The advantages of mobile advertising are outreaching visibility, low cost, and its high impact. During traffic signals when people are sitting idly for the signal to turn green, it is very natural for their attention to be caught by these advertising on car, owing to their catchy nature. Also, when such a car is simply stationed at a random parking space innocently, it might just catch loads of attention, without having to do a lot. Its presence proves to be enough to do it all! Such cars create a lot of buzz and excitement amongst people. Mobile advertising is a very vibrant way of communicating your ideas and promoting the sale of your goods.

Get over with the traditional overcrowded advertising media (where there is a constant fight over the same space) and make way for high impact mobile advertising and potentially boost your sale! For mobile advertising, your vehicle is used as a base for vinyl-based advertisements. Through vinyl’s, a high quality print wrap can be produced. The vinyl sheets can be removed very easily, which drastically reduces the cost of changing the

advertisements over time. A vehicle does not have any constraints over its visibility because it can be viewed from all angles, unlike a billboard. Mobile advertising rightfully boasts of having a 360° viewable angle. Moreover, unlike television advertisements, bus och bil reklam eskilstuna does not have to face on/off uncertainty. A prospect has no option to turn the ad off, whether or not he/she likes it. It is a cost effective option providing high impressions and also reaching out to a substantial amount of people at once.

To add to the delight, reklam på bil eskilstuna can help you earn money, while still letting you own a decorated and eye catchy car! Many companies would shell out a large sum of money to have them branded on your vehicles and carry off their logo as you drive from place to place. As your car frequents the theatres, hotels, colleges, their logo goes with you! In short, while you roam, their logo roams! This get-paid-to-drive is a new method for advertising and is also called car wrapping.

According to a survey 99% of respondents have felt that mobile advertising is more effective than traditional advertising. People are naturally drawn to reklam på bil eskilstuna and drivers often slow down just to scan the moving vehicle and see what it’s about.

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