Date a feminist

I’ve always been a feminist. Born and raised in San Francisco, California as a first generation Mexican, Colombian and Cuban woman my chances for being anything BUT a feminist were pretty slim. To top those odds my father is a physician in the bay area and my mother got her degree in Women’s Studies and has had almost every title you could imagine, from a firefighter paramedic to a massage therapist to working in a battered women’s shelter and now being a realtor/mom to her two daughters in their 20 somethings. Being a feminist is nothing I’ve ever had to work at, it’s always just been a part of who I am naturally because of who my parents are, what they do and the environment I grew up in. Accepting people who are different than me has always been a normal part of my life. I grew up with kids who were Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Gay, Straight, Black, Asian, White and Latino but I never categorized them as such until I grew up and was taught that all of those people I had grown up with belonged in a certain category…because society told me so. I guess I had too much faith in our society that my Feminist tendencies took a backseat for a while. I was always hyper sensitive about other things like recycling or using the word “gay” or teaching people that YES it is okay to say that Sophie is “Black” and not African American…because believe it or not she MIGHT NOT BE FROM AFRICA. Of course all the Feminist part of me just lay dormant for awhile up until recently. I felt a frustration brewing in me but for a while I couldn’t pin point it. I was in a relationship now at 27 years old, living with a man who had a decent job as an accountant (so he was smart…right?) and he loved animals, drove a BMW and owned his house. As Lane Moore points out, if you don’t identify yourself as a feminist, ask yourself why. I had become so comfortable in this life that I had allowed some behavior that I wouldn’t normally allow. Once Trump won the presidential election and reality started to set in it became very clear to me that I was going to need more people on my side than ever before. The fact that I was dating a man who had voted for Trump helped me realize how I had lost sight of what was important to me. It was time to get back to a place where I respected myself enough to surround myself with people who respect me just that same.

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