The Great Awakening

Imagine being woken in the middle of the night and told you are leaving your home. With one hour to pack and head to the airport, an overwhelming sadness comes over you, knowing you will probably never see your family again. By the next afternoon, we were speeding to the airport, amidst all the turmoil in the noisy and terrifying streets. One of the most traumatic experiences in my life was living in Venezuela during unrest, leaving Venezuela, and adapting to a new life in America. I’m a changed person as a result of all of this. Even though all of this was hard, it made me a more mature girl.

Leaving Venezuela and adapting to my new life in America has been a traumatic, yet a growing experience for me. I have changed in many ways. For example, when I lived in Venezuela, I didn’t have that much sympathy for my fellow citizens because we just all lived in hard times. But now that I’m here, I understand in a new way what bad conditions exist for Venezuelans, and other oppressed people in the world. My eyes have been opened, and I wish I could do something. A second change is that I no longer care about material things like I used to. Specifically, I realize how shallow I was to want the latest Iphone or fashion trend when people in Venezuela don’t even have basic things like food, water, and medicines. I go shopping less, and I try not to waste electricity or water because I realize its value now. A third change is that I am more grateful to live in safety in the United States. I realize that many people in Venezuela are not able to leave like I did. Being forced to leave Venezuela and the life that I loved created a big hole in my heart. I will now try my best everyday to fill that emptiness with a purpose. But my heart is, and always will be in Venezuela.