Originally posted March 24, 2016 at http://www.jamasoftware.com/blog/jama-support-communitys-turns-one/

One year ago we launched the Jama Support Community to provide a more interactive and valuable forum experience for our customers. Thanks to the participation of Jama users, the community has become an active venue for getting questions answered, sharing best practices and collaborating around ideas.

Think about the newsgroup, forum or a MUD that you checked first thing before school or after the workday. How exciting was it to start a popular thread, create a new reality, or just receive a PM from a beloved moderator? Participating (or at least lurking!) became a daily requirement as you formed relationships with people who shared your interests. I discovered that feeling in 1999 when I began collecting Masters of the Universe toys and stumbled upon He-man.org. …


Kristina King

Tech support manager by day, weirdo by night

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