Celebrating two years of exhibitions and programs at MOD. with a future-focus.

MOD. turns 2 this week. We are still learning. And while in regular times we might celebrate this milestone with a gathering of community, this year we’re keeping it small and looking at the world through the eyes of a toddler.

A year of uninhibited exploration

Thinking like a 2-year old (Photo: Jonathan Musser, Flickr)

“It is a year of uninhibited exploration,” said Anna Waismeyer, who has spent years researching toddlers at the University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences.

In the last 6–8 weeks we found ourselves reinventing what we do and how we do it. This explosion of…

(A villanelle for a solitary afternoon)

A vase of sunflowers in the afternoon light
A vase of sunflowers in the afternoon light

Attention fractures, time torn into tiny fragments
No space to breathe, no space to be
She sighs a sigh that punctuates, for silence

Is craved. Sick of cramming thoughts into tight compartments
Wants, no, needs freedom to daydream needlessly
without attention fractured, time torn into tiny fragments

Searching for room, she leans forwards, consents
Only to trip on the pram in the hallway, see?
She sighs a sigh as the clatter punctuates what silence

falls between negotiating interruptions, in constant suspense.
It’s not fair. A lie! Where’s my hair tie? No wifi! Me!
Attention! Fractured time…

Or why the School Strike for Climate is more of a warning than we realise.

What are you afraid of? (Photo: Jason Nunez, Flickr)

First a reflection on macrohistory, for to understand the moment we are at, it helps to understand civilisational change over the longer scale.

In Macrohistory and the Future, Sohail Inayatullah shares a range of models for social change that might guide anticipation of the future. One of these is based on the work of Sarkar. For me, Sarakr’s model helps to put 20th century into perspective. The first stage is a period of stability where the rights of the worker are foremost. Then there comes…

NOW HIRING! Are you our new Senior Exhibitions Manager?

In bittersweet news, the talented Anika Johnstone is moving to the UK for a year. Her partner has been awarded a fellowship at the University of Cambridge and so they are off for the adventure! So if you know anyone in London or Cambridge with an interesting project who needs an experience (VX/ CX) or service designer, strategist, communicator or creative project manager let us know and we’ll pass it on.

This seat could be filled by you as our new Senior Exhibitions Manager

But that means we are looking to replace her Senior Exhibitions Manager role as soon as we can. The role…

Are you curious? Passionate about ecology or neuroscience or design? Do you make art or machines in your spare time? Love talking to people about new ideas?

If you want to share your curiosity, then we’re looking for volunteers at MOD.

Image by Phillip Gao, Flickr

Volunteers at MOD. will be important to our success as they will be the first point-of-call for visitors. Volunteers enhance the experience of exhibitions and events by welcoming visitors, helping to interpret exhibitions and answering questions about exhibits and underlying research.

The tasks of the volunteers include:

  • Providing customer service by welcoming visitors to MOD. and giving directions
  • Responding…

MOD. at UniSA is a new futuristic museum of discovery, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation. This strategic venture for the University of South Australia opens in May 2018 and we are seeking two more people to join our team.

Seeking people who enjoy implementing processes with attention to detail for excellent customer experiences

We’re looking for people who are excellent at managing operations and problem-solving day-to-day, who enjoy customer service and working with a wide range of people, and are comfortable designing processes when things are uncertain. Please share with people you know who can bring the right skills, experience and energy to these roles.

Museum Operations Coordinator…

IQ2 Debate by The Ethics Centre, Sydney, 24 October 2017.

Pre-Show Preparation

Mic’d up for the IQ2 Debate: Humanity is Designing its own Demise: Simon Longstaff (Ethics Centre), Toby Walsh (UNSW), Signe Dean (ScienceAlert), Kristin Alford (MOD.), Clive Hamilton (ANU) and Kym Middleton (Ethics Centre) at front as photographer.

The debate was sold out, 1000 people in Sydney Town Hall. The audience was polled on for, against or undecided as the entered the venue. Pre-debate polling results were:

For 51% | Against 25% | Undecided 24%

First Speaker for the Affirmative

Speakers for the topic were myself and Clive Hamilton. Speakers against were Toby Walsh and Signe Dean. Below is the text of my presentation.

Designing is a deliberate process with intent. We design for utility, aesthetics, for innovation or improvement, or as a positional signal to include or exclude others.

There’s a process…

Today is the International Day of Peace, a day the United Nations devotes to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

Peace is something we’ve been thinking about a lot at MOD. over the last few months as we prepare for an exhibition opening in November 2018 on the theme of Waging Peace. The exhibition will ask:

Is it possible to aggressively and proactively pursue peace?

Can we use technology in service of peace, make peace machines?

Can we make peace profitable?

Our planning for Waging Peace included an Open Call to artists, researchers…

Late last year I was frustrated. I knew what we were trying to create and I could describe it if I talked around it. But I wanted to articulate our essence in a way that would resonate quickly with a broad audience.

Finally we* worked it out.

A place to be and be inspired.

That’s it. A place where as a young adult you feel like you belong, and where it’s reasonable to meet friends, hang out after school on your way through the city or plan a visit for brunch on a weekend. …

This is a transcript of the Speech Day address for Trinity College South on Thursday 15 December 2016, to the Head of Trinity College Mr Nick Hately, Members of the College Board and the College Foundation, the Head of Trinity College South Mr Mark Simpson, staff, parents and students of South.

This is an important day for all of you and especially those moving into senior years of high school. It allows an opportunity to reflect on the year passed, and to dream for the year ahead.

Dreaming ahead is my favourite pastime and also my work. I’m a futurist…

Kristin Alford

Futurist & Director of @mod_museum at UniSA, inspiring young adults by provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation.

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